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Daughters of Ishtar: Theology and Science in an Escapade of Intrigue


Donald Wortzman



The Daughterhood, also known as the Daughters of Ishtar, is devoted to reestablishing globally their long defunct matriarchal society. This ancient society, one of the most advanced in history, had a scripture that became the template for the Hebrew Bible. Some prominent historic and biblical episodes are revealed in their original form, not as conveyed by the male-centric Judeo-Christian tradition. Several times in history the group attempted and failed to reestablish their society, the most (well known) significant of which took place almost two thousand years ago. This failed attempt was led by the most maligned female biblical character of the Christian Bible. Its occurrence would still be hidden from historical records, if it were not for a maverick priest who tenaciously ferreted it out.

A criminology professor, Kirby Allen, and an undercover operative, Carolyn Thomas, probing the murder of a real estate mogul’s daughter, discover the Daughterhood’s current conspiracy to alter civilization for all time. The search leads the pair through a complex bevy of uniquely qualified scientists of various disciplines and  scholarly clerics, experts on the group’s origin and activities. The pursuit takes them to Israel, England, Mexico, and throughout the US, where they gradually piece together the makeup of the Daughterhood and the details of their diabolical conspiracy. Finally, the investigative pair devise a counter strategy to neutralize the group’s plot.

 Web Site: DaughtersofIshtar.com


Praise for the Book

It is one of the most intriguing and unusual premises I have seen in a long time. Ancient orders which have endured from remote times to the present are always fascinating and you have given the theme a new twist… Mattie

I finished the book last night…really liked it...couldn't put it down once I began…Gail

We were away on a camping trip, so I just got a chance to read your book. It was fabulous. I couldn't believe anyone in our writers group could write such a thing.  Once I started it I couldn't put it down.  Not only was it entertaining but I learned lots of science. I haven't read a book this crammed with ideas since ATLAS SHRUGGED…Pat

This book has a refreshing array of intelligent social, political & philosophical perspectives often absent today in other media organs…Art

For once, a conspiracy theory book that actually delivers. The Daughters of Ishtar has all the excitement and plot twists you'd expect in a book of this genre, and much more…Trish

A chilling escapade that should awaken alarm about the potentialities that now lay in the hand of mankind or perhaps I should say womankind…Jim


Prologue - Narrator


A small group of women, I recently learned, is poised to fulfill an ancient promise. Their secret order predates Jesus, Moses, Abraham, even Hammurabi, and began forty-five hundred years ago as a matriarchal Sumerian sect called the Ishtartes. Their current plan for mankind is so menacing that it is difficult to grasp. What this group seeks is not the extinction of their enemies, but something far more nefarious.

 This insidious order has many names, but is best known as the Daughters of Ishtar, or the Daughterhood, or simply the Daughters. Throughout their existence, they have operated outside the fringe of society. Yet were able to weave their activities through some of the most significant historical events…secretly, for the most part. The Daughterhood patiently bided their time, waiting for an opportunity to irreversibly alter humanity worldwide. A little less than two thousand years ago, they almost succeeded. Now the Daughters, more sophisticated and armed with twenty-first century technology, are ready to unleash their most diabolical scheme.

 Fortunately, a criminology professor and an undercover operative, probing a murder of a real estate mogul’s daughter, discover the Daughterhood’s current conspiracy. Wanting more facts, they enlisted my help because of my background in historical reporting. I could both further their investigation and lend credence to their report. Besides interviewing their sources, I have independently investigated the Daughters of Ishtar and perhaps provoked them to move hastily. This rendered some of their activities more apparent and allowed me to penetrate their seal of secrecy. I was horrified to find that the Daughters’ tentacles reach to the highest levels of our government. This is probably why, despite all the evidence in the government’s hands, the official word is: “The Daughters of Ishtar do not exist.”

 Naturally, I have had to change or omit the names of my informants, some of whom have studied the Daughters for decades. They were and are afraid to expose them, well aware that those who have tried have died in horrible and mysterious circumstances. In addition, for safety’s sake, I have changed some details and locations, but these are inconsequential and will not distort your overall view of the threat.

 I have to admit that at first I hesitated to take on this dangerous project. Though I would be able to protect the identities of my informants, I could not hide my own. After discussing this problem with law enforcement agencies, psychologists and other experts, I became convinced that once the facts were disclosed, the Daughters would have little reason to harm or eliminate me, other than for revenge. They realize that if they did so, it would corroborate a story the Daughters hope that no one would ever believe.

 With humanity’s future at stake, I could not, in good conscience pass on this opportunity to alert all mankind to the looming Armageddon. I offer you my account of it and you can judge it for yourself.


The Gyroverse: The Hidden Structure of the Universe


Donald Wortzman



Richard Feynman, the renowned physicist, in his book QED, after discussing an unusual aspect of quantum physics stated: "... the more you see how strangely nature behaves, the harder it is to make a model that explains how even the simplest phenomenon actually works. So theoretical physics has given up on that."

 Don Wortzman hasn't. His ground breaking Gyroverse Theory, simply and convincingly validates the twelve-dimensional helical construction of the universe. This surprising construct is able to explain most of the strange phenomena that have stymied the physics community for so long. It challenges and entertains while offering an understanding of how the universe actually works.

     The common mechanism of the seven forces of nature, including three unrecognized ones, are described. Contrary to appearances none involve attraction; they all push rather than pull. The equivalence of the masses of gravity and inertia, a 300-year mystery, is solved. The big bang theory is described, without resorting to Inflation Theory. Additionally, particle spin, anti-matter, duality, quantum entanglement, non-simultaneity, and many other phenomena are simply explained.

    Nevertheless, from the inside, where we reside, the entire three-dimensional universe is on the surface of a four-dimensional sphere expanding outwardly at the speed of light. It enlarges by driving into new territory, rather than by the stretching of empty space. Consequently, matter is not energy, but is mass in motion at speed of light.

     In short, the Gyroverse Theory combines quantum, relativity, and cosmology into a single unified theory.


 WebSite: Gyroverse.com


What’s Wrong with Physics


Often it is said that the current physics theories have been through many tests, and each time it re-confirmed the current paradigm. Nothing could be further from the truth. Inconsistencies are ignored, until some outrageous side theory is devised that allegedly explains it, allowing the pretext to continue. The following is a partial list that highlights what’s wrong with physics.

Inflation Theory: General Relativity, as originally envisioned, could not explain the uniformity of matter in the universe and the uniform cosmic background radiation, a remnant from the big bang. To obviate this dilemma, inflation theory, which is nothing like relativity and lacks any independent evidence, was invented. Inflation never happened.

Expansion Theory: There is no evidence of the kinetic energy that should be accompanying the expanding universe. In addition distant galaxies moving away from us close to the speed of light should appear packed closer together. Thus, expansion theory was devised that posits that nothing is really moving, but instead empty space is being created between the galaxies. It doesn’t happen.

Illusive Dark Matter: The universe is shy of much too much visible matter to explain why galaxies hold together, and why light bends (lensing) so much around them. Consequently, it was concocted that 80-90 % of the matter in the universe is dark matter that can’t be seen or otherwise detected, not even one atom’s worth, yet nevertheless exerts gravitational pull…aether redux. Not nearly a sufficient amount of dark exist to explain it.

Accelerated Expansion Surprise: Analysis suggests that the universe is not simply expanding but that the expansion is accelerating. To explain this surprising result an adhoc constant of integration has been added to the General Relativity equations, representing dark energy. To this day, there has been no direct validation of this dark energy fudge factor. The only theory that might apply predicts many orders of magnitude more acceleration. The expansion is not accelerating.

Entangled Particles Illusion: These particles are able to stay in contact miles apart. The mechanism for so doing remains strange and physically unexplainable. Einstein even called it “spooky action at a distance.” It’s still an unresolved mystery because the universe is different for atomic particles than for larger objects.

Twin Slits Experiment: Atomic particles passing through dual slits one at a time make individual dots on a photo sensitive screen behind the slits, indicating that the particle has passed through only one of the slits. Nevertheless, the accumulation of these dots form a diffraction pattern indicating that each photon must have passed through both slits simultaneously, interfering with themselves. Both explanations can’t be simultaneously true, without the fiction that its the inanimate probability that is doing the interfering.

Allais Effect: The gravitational pull on earth by the sun and moon combination increases as the two approach each other before an eclipse. This is expected, because both are then pulling in the same direction. However, when the eclipse actually occurs their gravitational pull mysteriously dips. This is in need of an explanation.

Pioneer 10 & 11 Probes Mystery: These space shots on leaving our solar system are being slowed by the sun’s gravitational pull much more than would be expected. This ignored anomaly has no explanation consistent with current theory. Inertia is greater for small forces.

Mass Value Anomaly: The mass of inertia and gravity, two seemingly unrelated phenomena, surprisingly have the same value. This unresolved mystery dates back over 300 years to Newton, and is still no closer to being explained.

Matter Energy Equivalence: E=MC2, the conversion of matter to energy, is strange because M is also the mass of inertia and E has the units of kinetic energy without any apparent motion. Matter is not condensed energy.

Electron-Nucleus Preclusion: Why aren’t electrons ever pulled into the nucleus of atoms, since both are oppositely charged and are attracted to each other? Because the electromagnetic force only repels at very short distances.

Non-Simultaneity Illogicality: Relativity posits that if two observers are in relative motion, A should observe B’s clock going slower than its own. However, B should likewise observe A’s clock going slower than its own. This reciprocity was invalidated in tests conducted on airplanes and satellites, challenging the notion of non-simultaneity.

Ehrenfest Paradox: There is no evidence that the length of objects shorten when in motion, as relativity predict. In fact, early on, the Ehrenfest showed that length shortening is problematic.

Delayed Choice Absurdity: According to accepted quantum theory interpretation, the delayed choice experiment, originally devised by John Wheeler, could demonstrate time going backwards. While in a lab setup it seemingly went backwards only a small fraction of a second, according to the original proposal, it can theoretically go back billions of years. In reality time never goes backwards.

Gravitation-Acceleration Equivalence: This assertion, the cornerstone of general relativity, maintains that no experiment can be constructed to distinguish between the two. The fact that light bends twice as much by gravity than by acceleration makes the assertion patently false.

Stellar Aberration: Special relativity dictates that all motion is relative and no experiment can determine which body is actually moving. The same amount of stellar aberration, independent of a stars motion, for one, violates this principle.

Gravitational Lensing: The gravitational bending of light, one of the pillars of the acceptance of general relativity that captured the imagination of the world can be derived using only classical physics arguments.

Mercury’s Perihelion Advance: The second cornerstone, possibly more persuasive to the physics community, was the calculation of Mercury’s perihelion advance. This was less dramatic because it only involved explaining phenomena that was already known. Nevertheless, this calculation can now be done without invoking general relativity.

Forces of Attraction: There is no physical argument to justify why two separated atomic particles or celestial bodies should be attracted to each other. The physics jargon that the force is mediated by exchanging force particles conveys no credible information on how or why it happens.

Higgs Boson: The illusive Higgs particle, which supposedly would explain the origin of mass, and also gives all the force particles their oomph has been searched for to no avail. In addition, relating the graviton to all the other force particles has also not occurred. It is time to give up and embrace a more plausible explanation.

Speed of Gravity: General relativity posits that the speed of gravity is equal to the speed of light. The lack of gravitational aberration from the sun gives ample evidence to suggest that gravitation’s speed is much faster than lightspeed.

Anti-Matter Dilemma: The nature of anti-matter is one of the big mysteries of physics. Why an explosion ensues, annihilating both particles, when matter and anti-matter collide is physically unexplainable.

Particle Spin: Particle spin is another baffling mystery of physics. Since the spin velocity is so great that the outer shell of the particles would be moving much faster than lightspeed, it was dubiously decided that spin is purely a quantum effect with nothing actually spinning. It is said to have no classical counterpart, as if that jargon clears it up.

String Theory: This theory, which has been in forefront for thirty years with thousands of physicists working on it, has very little to show for itself. It is time to cut our losses.

Anthropic Principle: The parameters governing the workability of the universe are so precariously balanced that it had to be assumed that this universe is only one of an infinity of universes, all with different sets of parameters. The argument that this universe just happens to have those that allowed life to form has been dubbed the anthropic principle. We don’t need an infinity of universes to justify this one?

Relativity-Quantum Incongruity: It is widely acknowledged that relativity and quantum theories are at odds. But, actually it’s worse, since cosmology theory is not aligned with either. Inflation, expansion, dark matter, and dark energy are peculiar to cosmology, and are not predicted by the others. This alone would be adequate proof that the theories are wrong.

Lightspeed: Why are both matter and photons coincidentally limited by the same speed of light? What is the connection?

The point has been reached where we must accept that something is very wrong with our notion of physics, where the simplest observables can’t be explained. Familiarity is not a substitute for understanding. It can’t be fixed by just tweaking the current paragon. The Gyroverse is a completely new physics paradigm that makes sense from all this drivel. It resolves these issues, and much more.



I wish to express my gratitude for the help I received in writing this book. Included in this group are the members of the Mahopac Library Writers’ Group in which I participated. Each week we read a small section of our work that the rest reviewed. In particular, I would like to mention Vincent Dacquino who leads the group, and Mia Brech one of the members, both of whom provided much writing assistance.

Another group I want to acknowledge is the White Plains Writers Workshop, which met weekly. We took turns submitting chapters from our book for the other members to review. I received invaluable assistance, especially needed at the initial phase of my project.

I want to thank Karine Gnall, my daughter in law, who took a pass at editing the book while staying with us in Florida, and Jim Casey, my good friend, who provided editing assistance as well. I am also grateful to Arthur DeRuve, another good friend, and a language maven, who applied his exemplary editing knowledge in getting the book to its final form. Finally, I owe a debt of gratitude to my wife Margie, who reviewed and edited the book, and made many strategic suggestions. She had unwavering faith in this project and encouraged me not to give up, over the more than seven years, so far spent in completing the book.



About the Author

 In addition to the Daughters of Ishtar thriller, Don Wortzman, a Rotarian, wrote The Gyroverse, a nonfiction science book. It describes his original theory that unifies all physics. The theory relates all the forces of nature, and the reason behind the equivalence of the masses of gravity and inertia. Also, it explains many of the anomalies that have stymied the physics community for so long. More information can be found at the http://www.gyroverse.com website.

While previously employed at IBM, he presented original research papers on diverse technical subjects at major scientific conferences. These include conferences sponsored by The New York Academy of Sciences, The Annual Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology, The Numerical Control Society, and The Eastern Joint Computer Conference.

 He received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from The City College of New York, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Syracuse University. He also has completed all coursework toward a Ph.D. in Mathematics at New York University.



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